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Small Waists Emphasized Fashion

Corsets as an everyday wear came to our life a long time ago and became part of women’s dress style against much criticism that dressing in corsets is slutty, and that squishing and molding your body is unhealthy and should be forbidden.

I know that probably many of you may agree with those statements, but on the other hand, can you blame women who love small waists emphasized fashion? And what about men? To whom should they give their unconditional attention and love? Just you or you in tight hugging corset with hourglass figure that shows off that spectacular body that you may have?

A while ago, The Saint Paul Daily Globe wrote “There is not a single fashionable woman who does not wear a corset” and I absolutely agree with this statement.

However, I do not want to ignore that corset wear is a very controversial topic, and as proved on Wikipedia, this topic probably will never die until corset fashion is alive.

Extreme Corset Fashion Pictures

Designers around the world who are fascinated with beauty and fashion have let their fantasies go wild creating corsets that are extreme, yet make women look more beautiful and mysterious than ever…

extreme corset fantasy in lace

Does Dita Von Teese look beautiful in this picture? I would call this extreme fantasy in lace.

Madonna on stage in her fantasy corset

I might say that this designer’s fantasy does not have any limits…

picture of Thierry Mugler

And what about this picture of Thierry Mugler? I am speechless…

However, if you want to see most extreme corsets created not for celebrities, but extreme enough, I got one for you too…

Corset fantasy that goes to extreme

I think this corset shows fantasy that goes to extreme from Contour Corsets.

Corset Wear in Real Life

In real life, corsets have become more and more popular with all their ups and downs in history. We still wear corsets as undergarment, outerwear, or at least as a part of our wardrobe on special occasions because women always love and want to look beautiful. I would say that corsets are just another tool that many women use in everyday life like cosmetics that help them underline their natural beauty by concealing their body faults.

Corset for every day wear

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Sep 182013

New Stylish Halloween & New Year Costumes 2013 collection


Do you love Halloween? Many of us probably will say “YES”. I know I do. I love the excitement of picking out a costume for Hallowing costume party just as much as the costume party itself. Everyone dresses up in their favorite costumes to enjoy the night away from home.
Halloween is just as magical as the New Year. You can let your fantasies run wild and pretend to be anybody you want, from Pirate of the Caribbean who dreams of treasure hunting to Queen of Hearts and dream about the magic adventures  in Wonderland.
Some girls prefer to dress simple and use just few accessories to show who they are pretending to be this year, but I love to go all the way and dress up in a full costume with right hair style and make up to complete the outfit.
If you are a girl like me, you know it’s not really hard to achieve this, especially with our new collection of Halloween & New Year Costumes. I hope you will enjoy taking a peak of our new costume collection and enjoy a free pettiskirt gift that we are giving away to celebrate our 5th Year Anniversary. Most of our costumes are available in sizes S-2X and there are plenty of choices for everyone.
Take a pick at my favorite costumes from our coming soon collection and find your inspiration for 2013 Holidays Season!

2 Piece Deluxe Pirate Costume

2 Piece Black & Gold Deluxe Pirate Costume includes lace-up satin pirate jacket and dress. Perfect Costume Idea for Costume Parties & Halloween $65.95

Magnificent 3 PC Purple Witch Costume for Women

Magnificent 3 PC Purple Witch Costume for Women

Purple 3 PC Purple Witch Costume from PlusSizeFantasies costume collection which also sales sexy costume, women’s costume, fancy dress costumes, adult Halloween costumes $73.06

Sexy Wench Gold and Black Costume

Sexy Wench Gold and Black Costume

Be the Pirate Wenche this Halloween. Sexy Wench Costume is luxurious, with black & gold corset dress, jeweled brooch, & gold off the shoulder sleeves. $68.95

Baroque Halloween Costume for Women

Baroque Halloween Costume for Women

This Baroque Halloween Costume for Women is sexy and seductive. Costume consists magnificent black and white dress and mini pettyskirt to add fullness to the dress. $64.46
Aug 102013

3 Steps to Lose Weight & Keep it Off Forever with Bodykey Sistem

 3 Easy Steps to Lose Weight & Keep it Off

If you have been around the weight loss block few times already, then you know how hard it is lose weight, and even harder to keep it off. How many times have you tried to lose weight only to end up disappointed?  I know what hasn’t worked for you in the past, but NOW with the Body Key System by Nutrilite, you may unlock the secret of Weight Loss for life!

I recently came across this BODYKEY system by NUTRILITE weight management program which seems very simple and effective. This system can work for everyone because it is based in your genetics that shows exactly how every individual should effectively manage their weight.

Step 1: Buy your BODYKEY™ by NUTRILITE™ Jump Start Kit

Step 2: Take the genetic test and find out which NEW BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ plan is right for you.

Step 3: Start to lose your weight today. Do not wait any longer.

There are 3 different plans available to choose from which after the genetic test you will know which plan is right for you…

1. Carb Reducer Plan
Replacement Shakes
Dietary Supplement
• NUTRILITE Carb Blocker 2

2. Fat Trimmer Plan
Replacement Shakes
Dietary Supplement

3. Better Balancer Plan
Replacement Shakes
Dietary Supplement
• NUTRILITE Glucose Health

Still not sure? Try it now!

What do you have to lose beside your weight?

There are many people who have already benefited from this system. Read their success stories and unlock the secrets of weight loss with confidence in just 30 days!


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Jul 282013

Skinny people have all the fun

Some women or man when in a long-term relationship start feeling too comfortable with their lives and the way they look. Quiet evenings watching TV with a large plate of snacks, home cooked food, spending weekends at home feeling lazy and completely happy about not going anywhere… You eat at the right time and you always have breakfast, lunch and dinner. You eat not because you are hungry, but just because it is time to eat and the food is served at the table. Does this sound familiar to you?

You stop planning the usual Friday nights out, you stop looking for someone special to meet; you are completely happy with your life and your relationship, and the result of all this happiness is that you start gaining weight.

You notice that it is often that you are going to the store to get a new pair of jeans or a dress, but not because you love newer styles, simply because your own clothes do not fit you anymore. And now you start to think that with all these extra pounds you lost the fun in your life.

Why Heavy People Like To Eat

Lack of usual activities that you always had in the past as a single person including sex put you in situation where you lose excitement in your life, and on the top of that you start believing that skinny girls and boys have all the fun in the world and much happier than you are.

The studies regarding relationship of body weight and sexual activities show that weight itself does not directly effect human sexuality, but depression does. People who are depressed, more often are less inclined to participate in sex due to lack of self-esteem, and that lead to decrease doing things that make them feel good in the past, like sex and more often they switch to consuming more food instead because eating become a habit that makes you feel good.

Satisfaction is the key. It’s much easier and faster to get satisfaction from food than sex. You have endless choices and food is more accessible. You do not need to compromise anything. All our lives most of us have to compromise; we take the job that is available and not the one we love, we buy things that we can afford and not the ones we want. But food is different. If you want sweet or salty, spicy or bland, it’s all there with no dreams and disappointments. Your brain and your body become more and more lazy and your laziness becomes the biggest contributor to the increase in fat.

 I Want My Fun Life Back!

So one day you decide to start a new life and lose some weight, not because of your health, but just because you feel that if you turn your body weight back to the way you looked few years ago, it will bring back all the fun and enjoyment that you had in the pass.

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Jun 132013

If you’re looking for sexy lingerie that will suit you perfect, why not go with something timeless and exciting? Some people assume that ‘timeless’ mean black or boring, but I believe that this is not true. Let me show you that black lingerie can be fun, sexy, and beautiful.

Black Lingerie is Slimming and Always Sexy

There are many advantages to wearing black lingerie:

Footless Crochet Bodystocking1. Black color is the most popular color in clothing. If you look around you will see a lot of men and women dressed in black and they are everywhere, but they do not look the same. I will call black a color of power that allows you to stand out from others and show your personality without being too loud. Many women will agree that basic black will get them the most attention from men.

 2. Black color is also a symbol for sex and secrets, that is why it is a very common color among sexy lingerie. Black will keep secrets about your little body flaws and by using the right style lingerie, along with other colors you can accentuate the areas of your body you love.

 3. If you’re full-figured women with a large bust and curves, black lingerie will soften your body appearance and will look flattering on your figure.

4. If you’re thin with small or sagging breasts, wear lingerie with under-wire to create cleavage you desire.  Keep in mind that semi-cup lingerie will make smaller or sagging breast look very voluptuous.

5. If you’re in-between these two, stick to a lingerie that make you feel most comfortable.

Accessories for Black Lingerie

Plus Size Black Lingerie for Women
A timeless and sexy black lingerie look great with complimentary accessories. You can be more aggressive and choose any color you like, but my advice will be to be careful when choosing the colors. If you’re not very good with picking colors or you want to play it safe, stay as monochromatic and as simple as possible. Classic gold or silver tone jewelry always look great with black, and they also go well with any skin tone. But if you want bold and stylish look do not be afraid of colors. Black lingerie will look great with any color but if you really want to make a statement go BIG and BOLD. Remember if you are a Plus Size Diva be a Plus Size in everything…

Conclusion: Whether you love babydoll lingerie, corsets or bustiers, chemise or body stockings, black lingerie is timeless and a must have in your life. So get some new and sexy lingerie to add to your closet collection and enjoy every time you wear them. Wear it all the time to bring attention for all the right reasons and they will make you feel like a glamorous diva.

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May 202013

Black Molded Cup Underwire Corset BustierFor 300 years corsets have been worn by women in many styles and designs from royal family to ordinary girls like you and me. Over the years women’s fashion went through allot of changes but women’s desire for sexy hourglass silhouette is still remaining as a primary reason for wearing corsets in our days.

Today, the body shaping industry exceeds over 6 billion dollars in products to help women to shape and slim their body in every day life but corsets are still stays as a queen of body shaping.

Wear a corset is a great way to help add some curves to slim type body and emphasize curves for women with fuller size bodies.

In our days many celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Emma Watson and many others wear corsets to make a fashion statement and look their best on stage and front cover magazines.

Holidays when you want look your best that is why you should treat your self with new beautiful lace up corset as a gift to your-self and add it to your sexy clothing collection.

Mar 022013

Its all about Leather

Spring Leather Trend 2013 New York Fashion Week


2013 spring season is just around the corner and now is the perfect time start looking if you haven’t already for few new pieces to update your collection and get ready for this new season.

In Jackets, dresses and skirts leather is still the king of fabrics due to its comfortable and luxurious look. Since Leather is always in fashion, there are several leather skirts and jackets that you can roll over from spring to fall season without any extra expense.

New 2013 spring-summer season is all about feminine, sexy and elegant look. To make it easier to understand 2013 trends, think about the 1960’s styles skirts and dresses.

Leather Styles

Soft smooth buttery leather skirts are timeless and easy to find in any color for the new spring season.

I love leather even when it is a little bit pricy, but I am sure I am not the only one who shares my passion for leather.

So ladies, are you prepared to go and show some skin in your sexy leather autfit?

Leather For all Seasons


Yes, cropped leather jackets or tops and mini skirts are very much in style now. In the spring/summer catwalks of London, New York, Paris and Milan, the world known designers showcased a beautiful array of cropped jackets paired with short shorts and/or skirts.

metal with a bit of leather this spring

Leather with studs, nails details are definately in style. I am not referring to motorcycle-style jackets. They are HISTORY and not going anywhere in this new season. I am talking about beautifully designed leather clothing that has a pop and a loud personality.

Eye Popping Color Leather Clothes

Eye Popping Color Leather Clothes

Leather clothes are so versatile that they will allow you to transform your look from casual to glamorous within a breath.

To add a splash of color to a classic black or white outfit, think about colorful tops or bottoms that will help you turn the color wheel to spring and make you smile.

Even in the coming 2013 spring watery blue colors are in fashion. Your choices in colors this spring are virtually endless.

If you go with two-piece clothing style, leather skirts or pants with tops and vice versa; leather tops with fabric bottoms, you may choose solid bottoms to accompany any top with bold graphic prints or even consider polka dots that will also go big this season.

You may consider tops in bold floral prints that work beautifully with any length skirts.

Cropped jackets are going big now as well. The spring/summer catwalks of London, New York, Paris and Milan with world known designers showcased a beautiful array of leather cropped jackets paired with leather short shorts or skirts.

Depending on the jacket style, you can create casual or glamorous evening look by choosing bold large accessories and metallic or high sheen fabrics for your tops.



If you will decided to change your look without sacrificing personality, add some style and follow new trends.  Look for skirts, jackets and dresses that will allow you to create a new style and find a new you, more beautiful than you ever imagined.

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Jan 152013

Light Cotton, Chiffon, Natural Silk Plus Size Black dresses

If you think that a Black Dress is too formal and can’t be fun, then think again. Fashion and style go hand in hand, and the real challenge is to pick a perfect black dress that will flatter your body’s natural curves and create a focal point by using the right accessories…


Choose Dress Style

The biggest advantage of a plus-size body is having natural curves. Full-figured women need to learn how play off their natural assets and how to disguise some extra pounds, which can be easily seen on upper arms, hips, upper legs and tummy areas.

When choosing a dress for a special event, a day out of town, a vacation or just a simple black dress for everyday wear, think fist about style. Are you trying to create romantic or chic look? Would you prefer a simple but classic pencil-style dress with a tight fit to show off our legs and hips?  Or would you rather bring more attention to your upper body: neck, shoulders and bust by choosing off-the-shoulder/s or deep V-neck style dress?

By choosing the right style dress, you may accentuate or disguise any part of your body and create that perfect look that will make you feel comfortable, yet sexy enough to show off your style and elegance.

Choose Right Fabric

The primary concerns for plus size women is to cover some body fat and make smoother and slimmer body appearance. That task can be easy achieved by avoiding dresses made of heavy or stiff fabrics. Light cotton, chiffon or natural silk are perfect choices for dresses. Some style dresses give a surprisingly flattering stylish look with a little kick when the fabrics and textures used in dress are mixed with designs like velvet and chiffon; or satin and lace.

We all have different taste and style, but in the end everyone appreciates the beauty of a curvy figure and women who embrace their curves in style will turn heads and catch second glances every time. Black dresses are timeless and will help women celebrate their female body beauty in style!

Dec 012012

Plus Size Fantasies Lingerie

 Get Something Sexy For This Holiday

Holiday Gift Guide for Romance

With Thanksgiving behind us, it is a time to start thinking about gifts for Christmas and New Years! All women love to be romanced and if you are looking for the perfect gift a modern woman wants, consider investing your money in lingerie. What can be more stylish, beautiful, yet desirable than lingerie? Lingerie make every woman’s dreams to feel beautiful and look best for the any Holiday come true! This gift guide will help ease shopping frustrations and helps you choose romantic Holiday Gifts with confidence.

For Girls who Love Soft Neutrals

If your girl loves soft, neutral colors and lace, enthusiasts consider staying with pinks, peaches, and baby blues

Rose Lace Nightgown Sexy Lingerie

1. Rose Lace Nightgown Sexy Lingerie - Any lady who loves to be romanced would adore this robe. Delicately detailed rose lace that is perfectly sheer with just enough coverage to leave some to the imagination. Great for all skin tones and all body shapes. This beautiful and elegant rose lace long nightgown is the sexiest lingerie set in our sleepwear collection.

Embroidered Mesh Teddiette

2. Embroidered Mesh Teddiette – This look is almost irresistible to men! Great gift designed to make any women look sweet and sexy all at once…

Gorgeous Pink Underbust Corset with White Trim

3. Gorgeous Pink Underbust Corset with White Trim offers classic candy silhouette with waist reduction of 4-5” to ensure perfect fit and elegant graceful look. Now tell me, what naughty girl wouldn’t want a pair this these?

For Full Figure Girls

Black or White Goddess Lace Longline Underwire Bra

1. Black or White Goddess Lace Longline Underwire Bra – Figure-flattering and sexy, this gorgeous piece is made for full-figured women by helping create flattering curves and a smooth line when worn under evening gowns. Pair it up with Slimming Floral Lace Hi-Waist Long Leg Shapers to complete this glamorous look!

Purple Gothic Corset Top and Bolero Jacket Set

2. Purple Gothic Corset Top and Bolero Jacket Set – This impressive set is a Queen of outerwear with feminine, yet powerful look that will bring immediate attention to your appearance

Blue Gater Dress and G-string Lingerie Set

3. Blue Gater Dress & G-string Lingerie Set – the perfect lingerie set that adds drama and excitement to any woman’s wardrobe and make any woman feel confident, sexy and comfortable on a special day…

For Girls Who love Sexy Curves and Glamour

Couture Sweetheart Style Corset with Beaded Embroidery

 1. Couture Sweetheart Style Corset with Beaded Embroidery – Elegant Maroon Corset in Sweetheart Style, with Beaded Embroidery on the satin bodice and a lace up back, fully steel boned, and tight back lacing to attract attention with a sophisticated, well-designed and look.

Fancy Lace Babydoll Plus Size Lingerie Set

2. Fancy Lace Babydoll Plus Size Lingerie Set – Gorgeous Fancy Lace Lingerie Set that is feminine and at the same time hot and sensual. Great for waking up the day after Christmas and throwing this on!

Plus Size Lingerie Black Lace Ruffle Top Bodystockings

3. Plus Size Lingerie Black Lace Ruffle Top Bodystockings - Sheer skintight fabric will hug and slim your body curves and ruffled low neckline will add a little spice to the intimacy during the holiday evenings with candles…

We welcome you to visit PlusSizeFantasies.com for more product information and great gifts ideas. We would love for you to share with us more gift suggestions and/or your own service experiences.

Nov 142012

Women in Corset

Why Women Wear Corsets ?

Women spend tremendous amount of time and energy in order to look sexy and for most of us it is a constant struggle to improve our appearance. Fashion, has always been a way for us to express our desire to look appealing. The clothes we wear represent the image we are trying to portray of ourselves to the world. As we get older, most of us have to come to terms with the fact that we may not be in the same shape as we were in our youth, and some of us have never been in great shape to begin with.

Today’s society imposes such a hectic lifestyle that it makes it incredibly difficult to make time to exercise or stick with a healthy diet. Sure liposuctions, tummy tucks and breast reconstruction surgeries offer what seems to be a quick fix for those trouble areas, but can be very costly and complicated. What’s a quick and easy solution? Corsets of course! The right, corsets are a perfect solution to help you transform your ordinary body into a stunning, extraordinary figure that is to die for in seconds.

 Corset Diet

Corset DietCorsetry dates back hundreds of years ago and has been making a comeback in the fashion world. Women are starting to realize that corsets can give the ability to modify your body, with time, and give you that glamorized hourglass figure appearance that liposuction never could.

Corset training takes time and involves squeezing your body into a corset and wearing for extended period of times. Weight loss is just one of the benefits of wearing corsets, and not just in your waist line, but all over. The effects are similar to what would be of a gastric banding as you are forced to eat smaller portions while wearing the corset.

I love My Underbust

My Favorite  Underbust Waistreining CorsetI started wearing my first corset almost two years ago, slowly increasing wear time from couple of hours a day, up to 10-12 hours a day. My results even amazed me! In a twelve month period I was able to loose over ten pounds without any food restrictions or diets. I dropped two sizes in clothes and everyone loves the way I look when I wear my corset.

I realize that corset training is not for everyone and you may be skeptical about the whole “body modification” concept, but think about it, hundred years ago, every girl wore a corset as part of her daily wardrobe which gave her a lovely shape for everyone to admire.

Why not give it a try today, as it has been proven to work for many generations? Buy a corset, the right kind of course, and watch your body transform into that perfect shape you always wanted!