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Fashion Rules are Meant to be Broken

Fashion is like an octopus, always change its shapes and colors, and tend to create a dilemma for some women on how to dress a curvy body in style while looking fabulous all the time.

For years retailers have been ignoring demands of plus size customers for innovative and fashionable styles, telling public that plus size population should wear black, loose clothing and stay a way from bright colors, form-fitting and tailored styles. These are the rules that are meant to be broken!

Over 30% of female populations in US are size 14 plus or larger. I believe all women have the right to embrace their sexy, voluptuous bodies and transform into something more interesting and stylish.

“Great Style Has No Size”

InStyle magazine in October issue introduced a new page “Great Style Has No Size” and shear with readers tips how to dress in style for Plus Size. I would love to shear with you great video that full of ideas for Plus Size Fashion.

Four Rules How to Dress Your Plus Size Body In Style

Black and White Stripe Plus Size Jumpsuit Romper

1. Everyone believes that horizontal stripes are not for plus size women, but I do not agree with this fashion statement. It is true that horizontal stripes will make your body look wider and this is why women with pear shapes with small shoulders and breasts should use this to their advantage.








Blue Black Short Sleeved Blouse Top Plus Size

2. If you have no butt or hips and skinny legs a large print tunic with big, bold prints will help you accent your assets. Dark color bottom will make these parts less obvious. Petite women should choose print or stripe fabrics, according to their body size. The proper proportions of prints and pattern are the key to a great look!






Plus Size Two-Piece Vintage Dress


3. If you look around you and check out the fashion magazines, you will find many examples when colorful dresses and clothing look great on women of plus sizes. My favorite style is 40’s & 50’s Vintage Style, it is chic and provides slimming effect around the waist. A two-piece outfit is always a winner if you pick the right colors. Darker tops, blouses, jackets, and tunic combined with a lighter color bottom will draw attention to your upper body and vice versa.






Vintage Inspired Plus Size Dress


4. It is a misconception that plus size women should wear loose and shapeless clothing. Wearing clothes that actually fit your shape will visually correct and hide the imperfect parts of your body that you believe to be less than perfect. Tops or dresses with V-neck or deep scoop styles that point down will make you look taller and slimmer.







Conclusion: Keep your mind open, use your imagination, and look for clothes that suit your personality and body shape. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun while choosing your outfit!

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  1. Wow! Great info in here..I’m a plus size and I don’t like to wear horizontal stripes but after I read this blog I change my mind. :)

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